Presenting a collection of double charge mega white tiles, that welcomes you to the world of bright spaces.

The series immortalizes the many types of white marble in a variety of inimitable designs in a pristine white frame. This tile represents a higher level of whiteness in every layout, making it the industry's finest white vitrified tile.

Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles

It's a symbol of purity and abundance.

It's a collection that immortalizes the very many facets of white marble in several inimitable designs in a pristine white base. A collection that sings a rapturous ode to the textures and patterns of white marble to transport you to a space that's equal parts bright and abundant. And what's more, its made available in a high-gloss, mirror-like finish. The tiles reflect a higher level of whiteness in every design, making it the most superior white vitrified tile the industry has ever seen. Its sparkle and sheen will never cease to amaze you.

Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles

Furthermore, with a Whiteness/Lightness value OM of 85% and a gloss value of >90%, you can reduce your artificial light requirement and save on precious electricity, making it the most eco-friendly vitrified tile. A high Whiteness/Lightness value will lead to a more even spread of light throughout the room. Ask for Marbonite MegaWhite, if space is what you need, and luminosity is what you desire, and if you care for the environment.

It's because of these properties that there's little left to wonder as to why its the preferred shade when it comes to interiors. It can transform the smallest of spaces into spacious-looking interiors. And lest we forget, its ability to go with anything.

*Whiteness/Lightness Index as measured by ASTM standards C609-07 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Light Reflectance Value and Small Color Differences Between Pieces of Ceramic Tile


  • The highest whiteness index in the industry of >85%
  • Marbonite much-acclaimed StainFree property
  • Vitrified to a level of less than 0.05% water absorption
  • Available in several inimitable marble design with a pristine white base
  • High gloss mirror-finish with a gloss level of <90%


  • A bright, roomy, spacious, electricity-saving and eco-friendly living space.
  • Improved Stain resistance as compared to conventional vitrified tiles.
  • High degree of compaction, higher strength and abrasion resistance
  • A wide choice of designs for that palatial, royal white marble flooring
  • Maximizes light reflection, makes it easy to clean and maintain, and exudes the grandeur of a polished white marble

Marbonite MegaWhite & it's Whiteness / Lightness Scale

Whiteness value (also known as Lightness) is a measure of the visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source as measured using a Spectrophotometer in the CIELAB 3 Dimensional Color Space. It runs on a scale from 0% to 100%. Zero assumed to be an absolute black and 100% being an assumed perfectly reflective white.

Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles

What makes MegaWhite get it's high Whiteness / Lightness Value

Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles
Conventional Tiles 70% Whiteness
Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles
Marbonite MegaWhite 85% Whiteness

Marbonite MegaWhite has been designed to deliver a high L-value of 85%, the highest the industry has ever seen in the category of vitrified tiles. The challenges in making surfaces white lies in the type and quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing of vitrified tiles. Impurities such as iron oxide, which are inherently present in all clays and other ceramic raw materials, can severely impair the whiteness of a tile. Marbonite MegaWhite has been manufactured using specially extracted ultra-pure raw materials, with practically zero impurities. Additionally, a special-grade °pacifier, Zirconium Silicate, has been added to enhance opacity and whiteness. This unique composition when fired under controlled firing conditions using microprocessor-controlled kilns, and subsequently polished and finished with Marbonite's much acclaimed StainFree application, has resulted in the whitest, glossiest, and brightest tile the industry has ever seen.

Benefits of increased Lightness Value

Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles
Conventional Tiles 70% Whiteness
Johnson Marbonite Mega White Tiles
Marbonite MegaWhite 85% Whiteness

Increasing the Whiteness / Lightness value of surfaces within a space increases the brightness of that space. In practical terms this means that natural daylight is maximized, windows can be made smaller, and the demand for artificial light reduced, decreasing the number or power of fixtures required and ultimately lowering a building, energy consumption.