The Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) is the collection of glazed vitrified slabs (approx 4’x2’ size) takes the concept of luxury living several notches higher.

This inspired collection of slabs can turn walls and floors into canvas that you could proudly display. And yes, these tiles have Stain-Free properties as well.

Johnson Porselano Elite Collection

The genesis of GVT is based on one big Truth - 'Tile is Not the End-product.'

It makes practical sense to choose these owing to features such as • Germ free surface • Optimised breaking strength • Stain resistant. The end product is your experience in the finished space. The vibrations you feel from the ambiances. The feel-good once the space come alive. The designer in you knows that to get this, you shall be creating a sync between various elements - the lay-out, furniture & fixtures, upholstery, carpets, gadgets, lighting plan, utilities, etc. And you are passionate and clear about the treatment you want to give...interior styling that suites to the purpose. Modern, contemporary, minimalistic and so on. Or you have your ingenuity to bring a fusion to create that desired ambiance. The GPS portfolio carries conforming options to your themes, thought and technicalities. It is inviting you to explore!

Johnson Porselano Elite Collection

It's a collection that pays ode to mother nature.

Capturing charmingly realistic hardwood looks & wide range of stone, marble and granite designs. All the beauty of nature with convenience and durability of vitrified tiles. Choose Proselano Splits; for it's the collection that helps you to go natural and also keeps the nature protected.