Glazed Vitrified Wall 30x60cm

Presented here the fully vitrified wall collection in 60x30cm size, a new generation of durable wall tiles, light in weight, heavy on styles. Owing to germ free properties and less susceptible to stains, ensure hygiene in your homes throughout the life of these tiles. The wide array of designs, surely going to transform your wall space completely and create the ambience of your theme.

Johnson Porselano Elevation

A new generation of vitrified tiles that will transform your wall completely.

Presenting the new Elevation series of wall application tiles from Johnson Porselano.

  • Contemporary aesthetics with varied design concepts. Unique stone and wood designs to create a seamless akin to wallpaper.
  • Fully vitrified tiles which make them durable & long lasting as well as less susceptible to staining.
  • These wall tiles are just 5mm thick and therefore light in weight, thereby reducing the risk of de-bonding on wall applications. Being lightweight, these are ideal for exterior cladding.
  • Suitable for use in washrooms, kitchens and passages as well as accent walls in the living rooms.
  • What’s more, this entire range also has the Germ Free Property – thereby ensuring hygiene in your homes throughout the life of these tiles.