The all-new Endura MaxGrip range of anti-skid tiles help you keep your feet firm on the floor while you admire its beauty. A flooring that gives you enough grip keeping you safe from any kind of harm. This range of tiles is ideal for interior & exterior applications like Malls, Shopping Complex, Parking Lots, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Ramps, Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums and many more.

Johnson Endura Maxgrip Tiles


High traffic areas are full of surprises, some pleasant, some not. Wet floors other than being sore to eyes can be dangerous too. At times like these, you need to put your foot down and ask for flooring that gives you enough grip keeping you safe from any kind of harm. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain making them hygienic, durable and versatile. Go ahead, walk, run, hop, skip and jump, for here are a set of floor tiles that ensure maximum safety with least slip-ups.

Johnson Endura Maxgrip Tiles


When it comes to floor tiles in high traffic areas, a little bit of friction helps you go a long way - quite literally. Science defines friction as the "force that acts between two bodies to resist their skidding over one another". Simply put, a floor with more friction will provide enough grips in most circumstances to prevent a person from slipping. In tiles, it is measured in a unit called R-value which ranges from R9 to R12, with R13 being the best anti-skid property.


The test performed to determine the values are BOT Digital Tribometer, Pendulum Test, & RAMP Test, it being the most popular."

Johnson Endura Maxgrip Tiles


A.Oil Wet Ramp Slip Resistance Test

As per DIN 51130 – the slip resistance of a tile is tested on an inclined surface with a predetermined slope angle and classified according to rating rules R9 to R13. This test requires an operator who is protected by a fall restraint harness. The operator wearing standard footwear walks backward and forward over a sample of flooring material that has been evenly coated with oil. Beginning with the ramp in a horizontal position, he gradually increases the angle of inclination until the limit of safe walking is reached and the test person slips. The acceptance angle obtained is used to express the degree of slip resistance.

B.Wet Barefoot Slip Resistance Test

As per DIN 51097 (ABC rating) the ramp test is carried out barefoot with the use of soapy water as a contaminant. The angle at which slipping occurs is used to establish A. B & C rating for the barefoot test."

Johnson Endura Maxgrip Tiles

BOT – 3000E Digital Tribometer

The Digital Tribometer can accurately measure both the static coefficient of friction (SCOF) and the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) in either wet or dry conditions. The instrument crawls along the sample surface at a constant speed measuring the resistance to slip.

Pendulum Test

Pendulum slip resistance (Dry & Wet) – Pendulum test value (PTV) – skid resistance tester is based on the IZOD principle, In operation, a pendulum of a known mass rotates about a vertical spindle attached to a vertical pillar and replicates a heel strike on the sample surface, a reading of skid resistance is obtained.