Germ Free Range

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Presenting a select range of Tiles, Sanitaryware, and Kitchen Countertops with the Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Advantage Patented by H & R Johnson (India).

This unique inorganic anti-microbial compound is based on the proven properties of active silver ions. In presence of moisture, these tiles release SILVER IONS on the surface and when the bacteria & virus come in contact with these ions they get killed and neutralized, leaving the tile surface safe from germs.


*H & R Johnson's GERM-FREE tiles are made using patented Silver -ion based Antimicrobial Compound. # As per JIS Z 2801: 2010 Test Protocol

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The super seven value propositions of Johnson Germ Free products are

  • Kills a wide range of microbes by over 99% as per standards test and protocol
  • No Organic or other harmful chemicals like those used in various cleaning products.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Non - Toxic and safe to touch
  • Unlike a coating, remains a permanent characteristic.
  • Works 24x7
  • Easy Maintenance.
Digital Wall Tile Collection

How does Silver ion technology act on microbes?

The patented compound is a part of the glaze, it becomes part of tile (unlike coating) and permanent in feature. The silver ions in requisite quantities are released on the surface and action begins!

  • The active silver ions are homogeneously distributed throughout the surface matrix of the tiles or sanitarywares.
  • These active silver ions migrate to the surface & kill the bacteria on the surface of the tiles or sanitarywares by puncturing their cell membrane.